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New Domain Update's domain expired, which is unfourtunate. You can probably guess why we picked z86 (it's the intel architecture). So from now on we will use, because it short and easy to remember. Any internet-using applications are right now outdated and will soon be updated to reflect this unforseen change.

Software Development and Beyond - We will do more than just XP Software

Tifa Software will be looking into making software for Classic MacOS, Mac OS X PPC/Early x86, Windows 3.X, Windows NT 3.X, NT 4, Windows 9X, Windows 7/8/10, and Linux/BSD.

On the same note, most (if not all) Tifa Software titles will be backported to .NET 2.0 for Windows 2000 Compatibillity. We will also plan to create a version of Software Center for Modern Windows, that could install modern software.

Tifa Software Network

Tifa Software is currently laying down the foundation for TSN, a free service that will allow you to communicate with friends, send messages, etc.

Right now, you can Create an account, send an email, and browse the web. The program will be released soon.